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Instagram on My Wall

Even though my sister was asking for a food-related post, I thought I would switch things up with a DIY project that has been on my radar for quite some time. In fact, it was one of my first pins on Pinterest over a year ago.

I’m a big fan of Instagram and when I saw this elegant solution for displaying the small, filtered-applied photos, I knew that this was going in my house. The problem is that I never found the right frame. Specifically, a chunky, ornate one that won’t break the bank.

After I moved to St. Louis, I became acquainted with the Goodwill Outlet Store – yes, outlet. Instead of everything already being ridiculously cheap, at this location, you pay by the pound. The POUND! Five minutes after stepping foot in the store, I was walking out with this $1 beauty – it’s big and ornate but streamlined enough to be modern:

photoNow for color! The only place for this project to go right now is in the kitchen, which has a burgundy tile border that circles the room and will be the perfect color inspiration.

For this particular project, you’re going to need:

  • Paint – a sample size of Valspar Cut Ruby did the trick
  • Sand paper
  • A hook – unless your frame is already equipped with one
  • Wood screws – #4×1/2″ were small enough that they wouldn’t keep the frame from lying flat but long enough that they weren’t going to fall out
  • Wire to hang the photos – I liked the mirror wire cord since it’s a little more industrial but jewelry or fishing wire would be just fine
  • Mini wooden clothespins

The first step is sanding. You need to sand to not only get the finish off but also to rough up the frame a little bit so that the paint will stick. I used 80 grit to strip the finish but that was probably a little aggressive – anything between 40 and 60 would work. After about five minutes, you end up with this:

photo 3Step 2 is painting. Lay some newspaper on the floor and brush on some paint. After the first coat, I noticed that the wood grain was still showing through and while I didn’t love it at first, two more coats later and I decided to keep it that way – it adds character and breaks up the bright red color. If you’re looking for solid color, a coat of white primer would help you achieve that effect more successfully than painting color directly on the wood.

photo 2Now, it’s time to prep the back. This involves adding a hook, screws and wiring. To determine spacing, I laid my printed Intagram photos directly on the ground in a grid to see how many I had to work with – in this case, 30 (six across, five down). From there, I figured out the right measurements were 3″ between each wire with an inch from the top and the bottom. Put in the screws, add taut wiring between the two and voila! A clothes line for your mini clothespins and prints:

picstitchThere are plenty of different patterns that you could hang your Instagram photos in. Personally, I went with a layout that was a little more organic, less organized and ultimately easier to make look deliberate – the perfect grid would have been much harder to keep up.

photo 5So there you have it: an easy, afternoon project that gets your digital Instagram pictures onto your wall. From a cost perspective, this is how the budget breaks down:

  • Frame – $1
  • Hook – $1.58
  • Paint sample – $2.98
  • Sand paper – $4.47
  • Mini clothespins – $2.99
  • Wood screws – $2.36
  • Mirror wire – $5.88
  • Total – $21.26

The key to keeping this cheap is the frame. Steer clear of Michael’s and Hobby Lobby where they go from $30-$50 and you’ll be doing just fine.

What projects have you been working on lately? Any Pinterest pins you’ve had your eye on?

PS: If you’re looking for the perfect site to get your Instagram prints from, I recommend Prinstagram – 50 photos for $12.

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Life Update!

So … I moved to St. Louis. Surprise! With that comes a lot of change – new job, new house, new city, new friends, but overall, I’m excited! Sure, I’m sad to leave Chicago; I’ve spent three wonderful years there but it’s time for a new adventure, one where I’m hoping to unlock the charm and cultural potential of STL.

There are a couple of posts I have in the works so I recommend sticking around. I promise (at least I’m going to try) that I’ll post a little more regularly a.k.a. I have a new job and I’m not as busy as I was at my old one. At least not yet.

In the meantime, let’s do another shameless plug for my Instagram account that I keep MUCH more updated with my whereabouts:

I made a trip down to CoMO for graduation. I also realized that I've been out of college longer than I was in college. I feel old.  PS: Bonus points if you can identify the iconic Mizzou building in this picture.

I made a trip down to CoMO for graduation. I also realized that I’ve been out of college longer than I was in college. I feel old. PS: Bonus points if you can identify the iconic Mizzou building in this picture.


I visited my parents in their new hometown of Austin, TX. A mandatory meal at the famous Salt Lick was on the schedule.


And now, I present to you my first car: a Honda Civic! I calculated the MPG after dropping $40 at the gas station and it came to about 36 – not bad!

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Sunday’s Best

This was originally supposed to be posted as “Friday Favs” but since my company’s holiday party got in the way, it’s now “Sunday’s Best.”

Since I spend a lot of time online for both work and fun, I thought I would post a quick round up of my favorite videos, links or stories from this past week. Enjoy and paste your favorites in the comments!

The Walking Dead

breaking_bad_S3_Black_stackedSo, I’ve already strayed away from just keeping to online content but the mid season finale for “AMC’s The Walking Dead” aired a week ago and was SO good. If you’re not watching it you should start ASAP. Good news for you: the show is slated to come back in February, giving you ample time to catch up. Bad news for me: the show is slated to come back in February, giving me ample time to imagine the worst happening to my favorite characters. Seriously, how is Andrea going to deal with this?!

College Humor’s “Look at this Instagram”

College Humor is known for creating compelling content and they’ve been killing it lately. Their most recent endeavor is tackling the popular photo-sharing app Instagram and I have to say that they hit the nail on the head. As my friend Alison remarked: “I’ve taken every one of those pictures.”

Buzzfeed’s Most Powerful Images  of 2012

enhanced-buzz-wide-10509-1354560132-9I love this time of year for many reasons, one of them being that it’s the perfect opportunity to look back on the past 12 months and reflect. Outlets like TIME and Buzzfeed do it best with lists ranging from the best songs to the highest grossing movies of the year. This particular set is indeed very “powerful” and doesn’t fail at pulling a few heartstrings. As I mentioned on my Facebook page, it’s well worth five minutes of your time.


I first heard of this movie a couple of months ago and then it disappeared from my radar. According to IMDB, it was released at the beginning of October and only made $105,000, which is a real shame because it was fantastic. Complete with a dry sense of humor, a quirky plot line and a star-studded cast, there is nothing more to want. The reason for me highlighting it this week is that it’s available at your local Redbox so be sure to check it out!

Christmas Music

As mentioned here, I put up our Christmas tree last weekend, truly embracing the holiday spirit. Since then, I’ve been listening to the Christmas radio station on Pandora, adding the extra jingle needed to make my work day go by quickly. In this particular video, Jimmy Fallon and The Roots team up to perform Mariah Carey’s now classic “All I Want for Christmas” with a  surprise appearance from the star herself. It’s the perfect way to get you hyped and ready for all your holiday festivities.

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Instagram: The How-To

Follow me!

I first heard of the up-and-coming social media platform in the Red Eye over two years ago. 211 photos later, I’m still as into it as I was when I first started “instagramming”. What prompted me to write this post however is the launch of their new online profiles. Until now, you could only view individual photos that were shared through Twitter or Facebook but there was no one-stop location to sit and admire a user’s complete body of work. Needless to say, I was quite excited about it and shared my thoughts through this Tweet and flourish of exclamation points.

Unlike what you might be thinking, this post isn’t about my love for Instagram. Instead, I thought I’d compile a couple of the tips I’ve picked up along the way and hopefully inspire you to start sharing your own sepia-toned images.

  1. NO BLACK BARS: I’m sorry to start off so violently but this is probably the one behavior that drives me up the wall. Everyone’s guilty of it when they first start but after a few tries, this habit should fall by the wayside. I’m specifically talking about what happens when someone doesn’t properly zoom in on their image, causing black bars to appear above and beneath it – almost like watching a movie in widescreen mode on a TV that’s meant for full screen. Just because some celebrities do it, doesn’t mean you should too!
  2. Look for the details: One of the great things about Instagram is that you only have a small space to make a big impact, which means you really need to zero in on what’s most important in a picture. When looking at a building, maybe it’s the railing or the door that stand out. Very rarely is it the whole thing.
  3. Vary your content: I know how tempting it is to take pictures of your food – we’ve all been there! Keep in mind though that not every meal is worth recording. If you’re like me, you’re probably eating the same thing over and over again, which can become tedious for your followers so try and find diverse content to post about. It could be something you noticed on your way to work one day, the change in the weather or a funny sign. Whatever you do, don’t let your account start looking like Justin Bieber’s.
  4. Stitch pictures together: This is where you place several pictures in one frame, as can be seen in the first image here. People who have a hard time editing will love it since not only do you not need to cut back on your picture taking but you can tell a more robust story. In my case, it allowed me to show a multiple step process at one time. One thing to note is that you’ll have to download a separate app – in my opinion, this should have been added to Instagram ages ago but that’s another conversation all together. I’m personally using Pic Stitch but there’s a wide variety of options for you to choose from if you just type “Instagram” in your phone’s app store.
  5. Have fun: At the end of the day, Instagram was created for you to share your experiences with other people. It’s about capturing a moment or feeling in a visual way, which means you can let your creativity run rampant! Be proud of what you’re doing and no, there are no wrong filters so don’t be afraid to experiment. I guarantee you’ll end up with some awesome photos and probably some great memories along the way.

What have you learned from using Instagram? Do you have any criticisms of the platform? Post links to your Instagram profiles below  – I’d love to see them!

PS: I obviously bypassed explanations on how to set up an Instagram account. It’s pretty easy but if you need help, let me know and I’ll gladly walk you through it. 

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