tumblr_mhh64utmln1rfgv7co7_r1_1280I pride myself on the fact that I like to read and, while I don’t necessarily read as fast as some would think, I still manage to get a couple of tomes under my belt each year. And yes, I’m that guy who walks from the train stop to his cubicle with his nose stuck in a book, occasionally glancing up to make sure that he doesn’t run into a pole or worse: a person (true story, I’ve narrowly avoided doing that about a dozen times already).

This particular page will serve as an online bookshelf of sorts so that you can see what I’ve read and hopefully give me suggestions of your own. I would say that 90 percent of my reading list is comprised of recommendations from friends and family, except my dad because he’s a major biography guy and that’s just not my shtick. Love you, Papa!

So read away and let me know your thoughts on a particular novel (because that’s mostly what I’ll be reading) and feel free to drop your best reads in the comments.

Must Reads:







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