Friday Favs

TGIF! I say this with unparalleled enthusiasm since this was my first full week of work in three weeks. And while I usually enjoy work, it’s on weeks like this that I embrace the weekend with open arms. Good news though is that I spend more time online, browsing the inter webs for the best of the best and hopefully delivering it below.

TV Is Back!

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 9.15.16 PMWhile the holidays are awesome, the TV landscape between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve is not. Most shows go on hiatus leaving their audiences hanging – one of the worst forms of cruelty. However, the time is back when not only all fall shows start up again but they bring with them all the mid-year favorites like Smash, Shameless and Girls. Who’s excited?! The only downfall is that this leaves me less time to read. And in case you’re unfamiliar with Revenge, Modern Family, Nashville and Shameless (pictured above from left to right), you should rectify that immediately.

Oscar Nominations

Awards season is a beautiful thing and it’s in full swing right now. We had the People’s Choice Awards earlier this week, the Golden Globes are on Sunday and Oscar nominations have been announced! I’m not particularly looking forward to Seth McFarland’s hosting gig but I do have to say that he and Emma Stone did a good job of keeping the nominations light hearted. Guess I know what movies I’ll be watching over the next month!

Musical Comebacks

Thursday was VERY eventful when it comes to announcements. First the Oscars and then two mainstays of popular music told the world that they’ll be back on the scene in 2013. The first is Justin Timberlake who hasn’t release a new album since 2006 and was very vocal about his intentions on becoming a serious actor. Guess you can’t stray too far from your roots. The second announcement came from Destiny’s Child who will release a compilation of their best love songs in addition to a new single: “Nuclear.” Here’s to some great jams this year!

Invisible Drive-thru

This video has been posted everywhere by this point, even making an appearance on the TODAY Show, but it’s well worth watching again if you’ve already seen it. And, no. You ain’t trippin’!

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