What Adam’s Reading: “Lies that Chelsea Handler Told Me” by Miscellaneous

lies-that-chelsea-handler-told-meFolks, it’s been a while since I’ve done a book review but I have several excuses for my behavior. The first is that I took a break from blogging. It was taking such a toll on my personal and professional life that I just had to rest and refocus (a.k.a. I got super lazy). The second reason is that I hadn’t picked up a book in a while. I think I got a little burnt out after reading eight books in August and then fall television started, which means I had to dedicate time to keeping up with all my favorite shows. I promise to be better about not only reading but also reporting my findings and feelings here. If you’re interested about any other books I’ve read or are looking for additions to your reading list, be sure to check out this tab.

My expectations for this book were very different from the previous Chelsea Handler books that I’d read. The most obvious reason is that she didn’t write it. Sure, it’s interspersed with her thoughts on the authors and their versions of whatever prank she submitted them to but overall, 98 percent of the book is written by her close friends and family. Some contributors include her brothers and sisters (she has five total), her stylist and a lot of the writers from her show, most of which you’ll recognize from the round tables at “Chelsea Lately.”

While reading, I had two big takeaways. The first is that Chelsea Handler is someone that likes to laugh. This might seem like a stupid assumption since she’s a standup comedian and is known for her quick wit and dry humor but she takes it to a whole new level outside of work. Each chapter is packed full of pranks that she plays on those around her from sending emails from their computers announcing pregnancies, deadly diseases or family secrets to full blown, six month long charades she carries on with her staff. Of course, there are consequences to be had but everyone usually comes out unscathed and a little more skeptical of anything Chelsea says. At the end of the day, it’s understood that even though she’s laughing at you, she likes you.

The second trait that you learn about Chelsea is that she is an extremely generous, caring person. This might be strange since I just spent a paragraph describing her antics but half of the book is set in tropical locations where she flies her entire staff and family for vacations and birthdays on her own dime. Yes, you will most likely be made fun of in the process but she wants to keep those she loves close.

So, the grade I would give this book? An A. That might come as a surprise since it’s not a great novel by any means but I read it in three days and was entertained for all 250 pages. To the contributors, well done for being able to write in compelling and humorous ways and to Chelsea, congrats on constantly keeping your friends and staff on their toes. It takes quite the imagination to dream up enough pranks and jokes to fill up four books to date. I have a feeling she still has more up her sleeve.


  • Grade: A
  • What’s it about: Chelsea Handler’s pranks and jokes on her friends, staff and family. Let’s just say that all of these people need a hard skin and high alcohol tolerance to hang with this woman.
  • Who should read this book: Fans of Chelsea Handler will appreciate the different perspective that this book provides compared to her previous works. For those of you who don’t know the comedienne, I suggest starting with her first books and working your way up to this one.
  • When should you read it: This is the perfect “I just want something light and quick” book. It’s most likely best suited for airports and long commutes.
  • Where can you find it: Amazon.com for $10

Any other Chelsea Handler fans out there? What were your thoughts on this book or her previous ones?

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