Sunday’s Best

This was originally supposed to be posted as “Friday Favs” but since my company’s holiday party got in the way, it’s now “Sunday’s Best.”

Since I spend a lot of time online for both work and fun, I thought I would post a quick round up of my favorite videos, links or stories from this past week. Enjoy and paste your favorites in the comments!

The Walking Dead

breaking_bad_S3_Black_stackedSo, I’ve already strayed away from just keeping to online content but the mid season finale for “AMC’s The Walking Dead” aired a week ago and was SO good. If you’re not watching it you should start ASAP. Good news for you: the show is slated to come back in February, giving you ample time to catch up. Bad news for me: the show is slated to come back in February, giving me ample time to imagine the worst happening to my favorite characters. Seriously, how is Andrea going to deal with this?!

College Humor’s “Look at this Instagram”

College Humor is known for creating compelling content and they’ve been killing it lately. Their most recent endeavor is tackling the popular photo-sharing app Instagram and I have to say that they hit the nail on the head. As my friend Alison remarked: “I’ve taken every one of those pictures.”

Buzzfeed’s Most Powerful Images  of 2012

enhanced-buzz-wide-10509-1354560132-9I love this time of year for many reasons, one of them being that it’s the perfect opportunity to look back on the past 12 months and reflect. Outlets like TIME and Buzzfeed do it best with lists ranging from the best songs to the highest grossing movies of the year. This particular set is indeed very “powerful” and doesn’t fail at pulling a few heartstrings. As I mentioned on my Facebook page, it’s well worth five minutes of your time.


I first heard of this movie a couple of months ago and then it disappeared from my radar. According to IMDB, it was released at the beginning of October and only made $105,000, which is a real shame because it was fantastic. Complete with a dry sense of humor, a quirky plot line and a star-studded cast, there is nothing more to want. The reason for me highlighting it this week is that it’s available at your local Redbox so be sure to check it out!

Christmas Music

As mentioned here, I put up our Christmas tree last weekend, truly embracing the holiday spirit. Since then, I’ve been listening to the Christmas radio station on Pandora, adding the extra jingle needed to make my work day go by quickly. In this particular video, Jimmy Fallon and The Roots team up to perform Mariah Carey’s now classic “All I Want for Christmas” with a  surprise appearance from the star herself. It’s the perfect way to get you hyped and ready for all your holiday festivities.

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