Clean House, Clean Mind

I should probably be embarrassed about how bad this got but there is an "after" picture so I'm not too worried.

I should probably be embarrassed about how bad this got but there is an “after” picture so I’m not too worried about it.

If you remember, a month ago I made reference to how messy the top of my dresser is, the reason being that it’s a multi-purpose surface. Not only does it suffer from being where I throw everything when walking into my room (read: keys, wallet, phone, receipts, mail etc.) but it also serves as a desk of sorts since there isn’t enough space for me to have an actual desk or table.

It’s not like this is a new habit of mine. As a kid, the desk in my room was ALWAYS a mess. That’s why I knew I needed a simple solution to keep things organized but also conducive to me still discarding items since that instinct isn’t about to go away any time soon. That’s how I landed on this convenient $7 solution from Target:

Office organizerI felt pretty confident it would do the trick since it had a spot for mail, pens/paintbrushes/markers and a small nook for any random knickknacks like my wallet, checkbook and keys. After sorting through all of that junk and throwing most of it away, my dresser was looking more like this:

So. Much. Better.

So. Much. Better.

In case anyone is wondering, the piggy bank was a $10 purchase from Target years ago when I was looking for a solution to the random change I would find in my pockets. Naturally, I chose the green Frankenstein one, which earned him the name of Frankie the Pig. One of these days, I’ll crack him open and see how large my coin savings have become. I doubt it’ll be much since all quarters get repurposed for laundry but you never know how quickly those dimes and nickels can add up!

Finally, the Gameboy print that I picked up from a couple of months ago joined the rest of the frames on the wall next to my bed as previously seen here. It adds a little color to what was starting to be too much black and white. If I had my way, that whole wall would be painted a bright blue but since I’m renting, that upgrade to my bedroom will come when I move into a new place and hopefully have a little more freedom with the decor.

What are your quick organizing solutions?

I can testify that the "Insert Awesome Here" text in the Gameboy print is perfect accurate since my Gameboy hold some of my favorite childhood memories.

I can personally testify that the “Insert Awesome Here” text in the Gameboy print is perfectly accurate since my Gameboy is associated with some of my favorite childhood memories.

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