Friendsgiving Pt. 2

I know I’m overdue for part 2 of my friendsgiving saga but work had me running at a hundred miles a minute this week, which culminated in an hour-long new business pitch yesterday. I can now say goodbye to reviews, decks and brainstorms! A least for a while.

The Big Day

Don't be fooled by the bland colors - taste makes up for them!

Don’t be fooled by the bland colors – taste makes up for them!

As mentioned here, I started preparations on Tuesday. Cornbread stuffing, sweet potato casserole and pie were my contributions to our friendsgiving feast and I needed to get a head start if we ever wanted to eat on Thursday. I learned quickly that getting everything to be ready at the same time is probably the hardest element of planning a meal. Coordinating all my dishes with a turkey, rosemary rolls and mashed potatoes, courtesy of the Scholtz clan, was like solving a math problem where you factor in cooking time in relation to temperature and hope all your timers go off at once. In the end, good food and good friends (including a lonely neighbor) make for a delightful friendsgiving. While I missed home and family, this was the perfect way to start off a four day weekend!

The Unexpected Hit

You know you're jealous.

You know you’re jealous.

Never one to shy away from a good time, we found ourselves the next day at Medieval Times. No joke. Greeted with a flurry of “my lords” and ” my lady,” we knew we were in for an experience as we walked the drawbridge into the castle just northwest of the city. Our knight, the yellow one, didn’t win the tournament or the fairest maiden in the land’s hand, but he did provide an entertaining two hour show. I was surprised at the number of splinters and sparks that flew at the clash of lances and swords. I was not surprised at the quality of the feast. Let’s just say that the tomato bisque was more like Campbell’s tomato soup.

The Disappointing Flick

Katniss facing Bradley Cooper head on.

Katniss facing Bradley Cooper head on.

My last Thanksgiving activity was to do what so many do over the long weekend: see a movie. My first choice was Anna Karenina, which I’ll probably see this weekend, but we eventually settled on “Silver Linings Playbook.” Hailed as a must-see and Oscar contender, I went in with high expectations and walked out disappointed. The heart of the story is good, it’s the pace of the movie that’s bad. Let’s put it this way, it’s very slow and is probably more suited for Redbox!

What have you been up to as of late? Did you like “Silver Linings”? Big plans for the upcoming weekend?

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