Time to Be Thankful

I’m thankful for pie – can’t wait to dive into these today!

All over the internet, Facebook and TV, you catch celebrities, friends and newscasters proclaiming what they’re thankful for. What’s great about this holiday is that it forces you to take inventory on your life and boil it down to what’s dearest to you.

At Thanksgiving, my family traditionally goes around the table and shares what we’re thankful for and since I’m not home to do it, I figured I’d use this outlet to celebrate and reflect.

Family: This one is obvious and usually comes first for most people but I’m very fortunate to have a close-knit family. All of us experienced change this year  and through it all, we supported each other with long phone calls and an abundance of laughter.

Friends: Having spent three years in college, more than 2,000 miles away from familiar surroundings, I had to rely on other people, namely my friends, to be my support and my home away from home. Luckily the relationships that I cherished at that time are still alive and well today – crazy to think that I’ve known some of them for close to eight years now! I’m also extremely lucky that I’ve been able to make close friends since graduation. My friend Alison wrote about her love for these cities but more than what those cities have to offer, it’s the people living there that make them all the more precious. Thank you, friends! You keep me on my toes.

And that’s it! I know my list is short but when you have those things, what else do you need? With that, I’m off to chow down on some sweet potato casserole, stuffing and pie. Notice the missing turkey because we all know that sides are the best …

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