Friendsgiving Pt. 1

This year, I’m not going home for Thanksgiving but I’m not letting it get me down either. Instead, my roommate, his sister and I are holing ourselves into our small apartment and gorging on our own feast, complete with wine pairings.

Now, if I had left this to my roommate, everything would be store-bought and fantastically artificial.

You think I’m joking but he really did send around an email stating that if we didn’t commit to cooking some items, he would just buy them. Yep, sounds like the worst, most unthanksgiving Thanksgiving ever.

After divvying up most dishes between his sister and me, my roommate bought the turkey and, as I told my mom, will “stick it in the oven and hope for the best.” Cross your fingers, say some prayers and wish him luck that he doesn’t burn down the apartment and that we have an OK bird to eat tomorrow.

You might be wondering why part one of this saga is coming to you on Wednesday. Well, I had to get a head start on cooking since some ingredients to the overall dishes require a little prep and pre-cooking themselves. Any ideas what I’m using pecans and cornbread for? Let me just say that they’re definitely going to be the stars of the night.

Things to expect over the next couple of days – or week, depending on how long it takes me to write: family favorite recipes, a fantastic Friendsgiving recap and an overall good time.

What are you looking forward to for Thanksgiving? Going home or Friendsgiving it up?

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