Crate & Barrel: The Holiday Gift Guide 2012

You know you want one.

When I returned home from my weekend adventure in Madison, WI, I was greeted by the Crate & Barrel Holiday Gift Guide in my mailbox. They most likely got my address from all the wedding gifts I’ve been buying, which is obviously abuse of the trust I’ve given them but since I’m a fan, I’ll overlook it.

Having recently read this scathing great review of the William Sonoma catalog, I decided to give the same treatment to this mag and really look at it through a critical lens. Fortunately, or unfortunately, Crate & Barrel is awesome and everything in their catalog is worth buying. Sure, some items can be expensive but that’s to be expected.

Instead, since it is a GIFT guide, I thought I would select the top five items I wouldn’t mind finding under my Christmas tree. However, after going through it a few times, I could only settle on two. I’m not sure if this is an indication that I’m super picky or actually don’t think that most of the items are worth owning. I’m just going to run with the assumption that it’s because I don’t have any room to store or display most of what the catalog offers. #cityapartmentproblems

Cuisinart Air Popcorn Maker, $39.95: This basically ensures that you don’t have burnt popcorn – genius! And who doesn’t want to watch popcorn shoot out of a funnel? To prove my point, I’ve resorted to the awesomeness that is the internet and found the awkward review video below. This is also one of those completely unnecessary items that you could potentially find in Sky Mall magazine featured  between an exact replica of Ron Weasley’s wand and a pillow for your feet.

Cast Iron Fondue Set, $39.95: Melted cheese. ‘Nough said.

What’s on your Christmas list? Anything from Crate & Barrel? Has anyone actually bought anything from Sky Mall magazine? I want to know!

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