Candy Corn M&M’s, A Review

I have a confession to make: I have a crippling sweet tooth. It’s so bad that the only sugar I have in my apartment is in granulated form. This doesn’t keep me from indulging every once in a while but I have to exercise constraint when around anything sweet, which, during Halloween season, is near impossible. In other words: pumpkin candy bowl at work – 53. Adam – 0.

Another thing you should know about me is that my favorite candy is M&M’s.

Side note: if anyone at Mars is listening, I’m volunteering my services as official spokesperson for the brand. I’ve done something similar here and it worked out pretty well for everyone involved. Thank you.

Tangent aside, there’s something about the semi-sweet chocolate melting in your mouth, protected by its candy exterior that just gets me every time. I enjoy this treat so much that I’ve managed to try every flavor imaginable including:

  • Peanut (Classic for my dad)
  • Milk Chocolate (Classic for me)
  • Dark Chocolate (Perfect for a more sophisticated palette)
  • Peanut Butter (How could you go wrong?)
  • Peanut Butter and Jelly (Hm, no. Just, no.)
  • Strawberry (Meh)
  • Cherry (Berries should have nothing to do with M&M’s)
  • Coconut (Not bad)
  • Mint (New classic – I love everything mint chocolate)

… and, you’ve guessed it: Candy Corn.

Candy Corn is also one of my favorites. However, this preference is rooted more in my upbringing versus my personal taste, since growing up overseas meant that I missed out on a lot of American staples. Whenever my dad would travel to the U.S. for work, he would always bring back the candy that we couldn’t enjoy in France, which included: Tootsie Rolls, Hot Tamales and Candy Corn. I’m pretty sure you could find me eating handfuls of the honey-flavored delights in March when I should really be eating Cadbury Eggs. Needless to say, when I caught a glimpse of this Frankenstein of a candy, I just couldn’t pass it up. It somehow fell into my shopping bag when I had my back turned …

Now, don’t get too eager like I did and completely gloss over the fact that this is in reality Candy Corn-flavored WHITE CHOCOLATE. In my haste to rip open the package, I failed to see what was so clearly spelled out on the front and instead, expected to break into the candy shell and find the perfect texture and taste of Candy Corn.

Wrong, so wrong.

What you actually have is a Halloween treat that is too sweet with just an after-taste of Candy Corn. I barely made it through half of the white, yellow and orange pieces before I had to set the remaining aside. This one just wasn’t doing it for me and got banished to the land of the Strawberry M&M’s, not quite as bad as the Peanut Butter and Jelly ones but not on my list of must-haves either. This is essentially a novelty product created to drum up seasonal buzz, similar to to the Candy Corn-flavored Oreos.

My advice to you this Halloween is to bypass the bright packaging and go straight for the regular Candy Corn and M&M’s. Not only will you please everyone, you’re sure to enjoy the bits and pieces that you sneak away for yourself.

Have you tried the new Candy Corn M&M’s? What are your thoughts? What are your favorite Halloween treats?

Frankenstein himself.

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4 thoughts on “Candy Corn M&M’s, A Review

  1. Dennis Hickey says:

    Adam, here is another temptation for you we learned about last night. Put candy corn in a bowl of popcorn. The real candy corn from Brachs. It is like Kettle Corn or steroids. Tough to stop once you start.

    Ditto on M & M’s.

  2. Pat Chapman says:

    Hot tamales and popcorn-the best.

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