Why I Love Adele

It’s undeniable that 2011 was Adele’s year for the taking. With a hugely anticipated sophomore album coming off of the highly-acclaimed “19,” the stakes were high and pressures mounting. Luckily, we all know how this story ends.

I discovered Adele when she was belting out “Chasing Pavements” on French radio, but didn’t really pay much more attention beyond that. It was when I heard a sneak peak of her album “21” on NPR that I knew her and I were going to get along just fine. After I saw her singing “Someone Like You” on YouTube, I was hooked.

Since then, I’ve watched countless performances, read every possible interview and overall, fallen deeper in love with the witty, no-holds-barred singer from London. This is why:

  • She’s talented: Well, duh. I had to start with the obvious. Not only does she sometimes sound almost better live than she does recorded, she’s had a hand in every one of her songs by writing the lyrics, the melody or both. There’s a reason she gets a five minute standing ovation at the Grammys. Just saying.
  • She’s funny: Humor can go a long way and with her it goes on for miles and miles. You can see her call Chelsea Handler a B**** here, watch her talk about accidentally mooning and entire bus here and see her carry on a interview with fake reporter Ushi here. If you make it through any of those clips without laughing, I will be seriously impressed.
  • She’s honest: Adele is very open about not only her relationships through her music and subsequent interviews, but it’s no secret that she gets paralyzing stage fright and doesn’t know how to handle her new-found fame. Her life reads like an open book, one that showcases all the good and doesn’t gloss over the bad.

I could go on and on about her high standards, her down-to-earth take on life and her laid-back attitude but I decided to stick with these three as they are my favorite. And if I haven’t won you over to her just yet, I’ll include below her Album of the Year acceptance speech where she laughs, cries, talks about snot and just leaves you feeling just happy for her and her success.

Who is your favorite artist? What are your feelings on Adele?

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