Horror Rationalized

In the spirit of Halloween, and because I have no trick-or-treaters interrupting me , I thought I would share with you why I like horror movies.

Horror movies are that genre that you either hate or love and when talking to people, you quickly realize what side of the fence they fall on. Some of the reactions I’ve gotten at the suggestion of watching a scary movie have been: “In your dreams,” “hell no” and “absolutely not.” I, on the other hand, perk up and get extremely excited at the thought of a Friday night horror marathon. So put that DVD in the player, give me a glass of wine and let’s get this show on the road:

  • You experience adrenaline rushes – This is the obvious one but it holds true nonetheless. I have a tendency to over-anticipate the worst, meaning that the build-up is scarier to me than the actual horrific moment. For example, when the cursed heroine is walking through the woods and the music crescendos into a cacophony of trumpets and violins, I can usually be found with my hands over my ears and my heart beating a million miles a minute. Once she starts getting hacked up by the latest power-tool, I’m totally fine.
  • You share a common emotion with everyone at once – Horror movies are only fun with other people. You know how when you’re watching a movie and you don’t find it that funny until you’re in a crowded theater with everyone laughing at once? Well it’s the same thing. It’s so much better when you can walk away from a movie and compare with your friends how many times you jumped out of your skin. Or when you look over and see your friends squinting behind their fingers. Or when you actually grab them by the shoulder and scare them yourself.
  • You realize that you are WAY smarter than most other people – Or more so than the ones they portray in scary movies. Protagonists in these types of flicks have a tendency to do everything wrong. There’s a creepy sound coming from the basement; don’t go down there. There’s a knock on the door but no one standing outside; don’t open it. Someone wants to play “Bloody Mary;” just don’t do it! Main characters seem to put themselves in horrible situations, which is why they end horribly. You and I can take reassurance in the fact that we’re not that dumb.
Ironically enough, the movies that scare me the most are zombie movies, reason being that each one of the main characters is fighting for their life and usually fails. They react exactly like I think I would in similar situations and actually never survive. Now THAT’s terrifying.
Do you like horror movies? What’s your favorite?
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4 thoughts on “Horror Rationalized

  1. Katherine says:

    I still think The Descent is the most terrifiying, there’s just something so disturbing about women killing each other.

  2. Adam I just came across your blog, I am OBSESSED with scary movies, marathon movie night soon???

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