A Century of Coming Home

Mizzou vs. Iowa State

770 miles, 15 uses of #MIZ100HC on Twitter and 68 hours of time spent in Columbia, Mo., are a few ways to describe the wonderful Homecoming weekend I had at Mizzou.

I had many expectation running through my head on the drive down to my Alma Mater. Months of build-up and four years of personal experience with this tradition only added to the pressure of making this weekend unforgettable.

I could spend the next couple of paragraphs recounting the many favorite locations I revisited, the great friends I ran into and the delicious late-night food I enjoyed, but it’s the realizations I came to that are much more interesting.

  • I’m an alumnus – To state the obvious, I went through graduation and I’ve been out of school for over two years but it was sitting on the alumni side of Faurot Field and chanting Z-O-Us that really drove that fact home. It’s sad knowing that I will never yell M-I-Z again, as it’s tradition for the students to initiate the call, but I took relief and delight in looking around and seeing the same familiar faces that accompanied me during my four year adventure at Mizzou. Just because I went on to pursue other opportunities doesn’t mean that my friendships and memories were left behind.
  • Great friendships last a lifetime – I will be the first to admit that I’m horrible at keeping in touch. Since I’m someone who very much lives in the moment, I tend to focus on the people that are in my life at that time, making it hard for me to take a step back and appreciate the individuals that got me there. This weekend is a testimony however to the fact that you don’t need to talk to someone every week or month to value each other’s company and genuinely care for their wellbeing. It is with fervor that I a greeted friends I haven’t seen in two years and with enthusiasm that we brought each other up to speed on our lives. To those reading this, know that I love you and can’t wait to reconnect at next year’s Homecoming!
  • Those are only SOME of the best years of your life – My time at Mizzou is completely unforgettable and has not only shaped me into the man I am today but is still playing a huge role in my career and my friends. I can safely say though that I’m having just as much fun after college as I did during. Looking back on graduation, it was definitely time to leave and go explore the next chapter in my life. Homecoming is just a great annual excuse to experience those four years again in a concentrated weekend of fun, friends and football.
Having put a great part of my life to rest and experiencing another memorable one today only makes me restless to charge forward to see what lies ahead. I do so bleeding black and gold, taking on one day at a time.

PS: Did you know Mizzou started the tradition of homecoming in 1911? If you don’t believe me, you can read up on it here. What is your favorite school tradition?

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One thought on “A Century of Coming Home

  1. TiffBen says:

    Thanks for sharing, Adam. I regret not making the trip to Columbia this past weekend to take part in one of my favorite traditions. Hopefully, I’ll see you next year.

    For bleeding black and gold,

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